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Publix is still my favorite place to shop

I made a run on all the stores in my area today… Target, Walmart, CVS, AND Publix. And I can honestly say that I LOVE Publix the most!


Target and Walmart were okay on deals for me.. mostly just things like meat and toiletpaper.. no real big savings at the end of my reciept.

But, at Publix… I spent $37.12 and SAVED $81.12


Favorite finds:

Starkist Seasations- (freezer aisle) on sale BOGO at 6.99

-3.00 blinkie I found last week

-3.00 blinkie I found last week

=2 for .99!!!

Red potatoes on sale 1.97 – TARGET Q $1= .97 for a 5 lb bag!

Skippy Peanut butter ( I just finished off my last jar yesterday!) BOGO 2.43 – .40 .40= 1.63 for 2 jars= .81 each.

Quaker Oatmeal on sale 1.99 – $1 blinkie – .55 food lion (no longer in database but expired on 4/31)= .44 a box

Scrubbing Bubbles BOGO 3.29 – $1 – $1= 1.29/2 or .64 each. (I got these coupons from a coupon booklet found at the front of my Publix last week FULL of lots of great cleaning coupons by SC Johnson)

Teddy Grahams/Ritz Bits on sale BOGO 2.99 – $1 Target q – $1 target q = .99/2 or .49 a box. UPDATE: Just found a new coupon to stack with this deal… -1/2 Printable would make this 2 FREE boxes for you! (math: 2.99- 1-1-1/2=0 for 2 boxes!)

Pasta Roni BOGO 1.69 Buy 4 and use $1/4 coupon from recent insert= 2.38/4 or .29 a box.

Yoplait Yogurt (gogurt!) BOGO- use with the .75/2 coupon from recent insert

Pop Tarts (FINALLY) BOGO – use with the $1/2 coupon from recent insert

And of course, I always make sure to use a CVS$10/50 coupon to help out a bit. I’m upset though, because I used my last one today and the CVS machine didn’t print me one this time!

Happy Shopping.. hope this helps some of you!




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Publix Savings More than Double!


Have I ever mentioned that I (heart) Publix?????

Please ignore the date in my picture.. this was taken today.. I just didn’t realize this camera had a date on it!

Since this is a whole new year of savings I was curious to see how my “percentages” of savings would look after doing an entire year of couponing, so I started a brand new spreadsheet just for 2009. So far.. I’ve already saved 84%! 🙂

My trip to Publix today was a big help.

Store coupon: 31.50 (this includes competitor coupons)

Vendor coupon: 12.04

Advertised Special Savings 37.22 (mostly BOGO’s)

Total savings: 80.76

Actual Payment Due: 32.97!

That’s over $100 worth of groceries for only $32!


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Pr. 31:13 She shops around for the best……

Since this is my first post at my new wordpress blog, I figured it’s best to start of with an introduction! My name is Deni, and I am a 35 year old stay at home mother of 2. My son is 13 and my daughter is 11. I have been married for 15 years to my highschool sweetheart, and I am also a photographer and owner of my own photography business.

This past year, has brought us back to some hard times financially, reminiscent of the years when we survived on military pay with 2 small children. Okay, well, maybe it’s not that bad… but its definitely time to tighten the wallet and re-learn ways to be wise with what the Lord has blessed us with. A good friend of mine mentioned a thing called The Grocery Game to me earlier this summer and after few months of barely making ends meet, I finally did some online research about it.

I signed up for the $1 trial, and quickly discovered that I could easily cut my grocery bill down dramatically just by clipping coupons and comparing prices between stores. I then looked around the internet for “coupons” and discovered a whole “family” of bloggers who not only provided links to coupons, but also posted about the deals they had found. I learned to love shopping at Walgreens and CVS for my beauty and household supplies, and all about “stockpiling”.  Pretty soon I was hooked and ready to share my own deals with everyone too!

I decided not to continue on in my membership with The Grocery Game… because for me, as a stay at home mom, I have the time to sort thru the ads and websites and find the best deals on my own. But, for any working mom’s out there.. I would definately recommend a membership there.

So, here on my blog I plan to join in with many other wonderful women who are committed to saving money and earning the trust and respect of their loved ones at the same time. I will add some “getting started” tips, some coupon links, and then start posting my actual savings starting tomorrow.



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