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Saving while sick

I haven’t updated any of my savings posts lately because I’ve been fighting a bad head cold for the past few weeks. No serious shopping going on lately for me!

I must say though, I’ve been very grateful for all the boxes of Kleenex and coughdrops and medicines that I’ve stockpiled since last summer!

I have a few things I plan to run out and get at Walgreens and CVS this week though…


.33 Reusable shopping bag! Great price with in ad coupon!

Pop Tarts 2/$3 – $1/2 coupon in recent insert= $1 each! (My kids LOVE poptarts!)

Milk $2.99

Therma Care Heat Wrap Trial size $2.49  (Get 2.49 Rebate) = FREE

I still have over $20 on my gift card, so I will be bringing all of this home for free. 🙂


Johnson & Johnson Adhesive Pads with Neosporin $4.98

Johnson & Johnson Travel First Aid Kit .99

-$3/2 Johnson & Johnson

Earn 3 ECB for the Adhesive Pads

Total: Pay 2.97 Earn 3= Profit of 3 cents

Excedrin 10ct. $2.49 Get 2.49 ECB= Free

Zicam Nasal swab free samples on an endcap near pharmacy. (I’ve been grabbing one everytime I go in.. it worked for my hubby and daughter to prevent them from staying sick with the cold I’ve been stuck with. I however, didn’t use it and wish I had!)




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Needed to spend a 5RR


I admit I haven’t done any “planning” for my shopping yet this week. And here it is Wednesday and I’m just now getting Sunday’s paper!!!

I did remember that I had a $5RR that expires today at Walgreens, so I ran in with my coupon binder and got these items:

2 Lysol Wipes BOGO 3.79

3.79 – (2)1.00 MFG q= 1.79/2= .89 each

2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner BOGO 2.79

2.79 – 2(.75) MFG q= 1.29=.64 each

2 Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste SALE 2.99

5.98– (2) 2.00 WAGS q (rebate book) – (2) .75 MFG q= .48/2= .24 each

Sunday paper 1.50

Sales tax: .98

Paid with $5RR and used 1.04 on my gift card from last month.

Zero OOP …. again. 🙂

If you want to see some more Walgreens matchups, try Moms By Heart for a full listing of coupon matchups for this week at Walgreens. She’s another great resource you might want to subscribe to if you’re using my WFMW idea!

Happy Shopping… Please comment and let me know what you found at Walgreens this week! If you’re new to WAGS shopping, be sure to check out my Understanding Walgreens post!


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2nd run on Walgreens


I decided to swing by Walgreens again this week just because I missed my neighborhood WAGs after my difficulty at a different store earlier this week. 🙂

I managed to snag 2 more clearance Garnier Fructis conditioners. (My daughter’s FAV)

On sale 1.79×2=3.58

– 2.00 (I had 2 q’s from a recent insert)

– 3.58 WAGS q in the montly booklet. (says $2 off , but it adjusts down to the price paid.. however, it doesn’t realize I used coupons from Garnier so this is a $2 money maker for me!)

I also found the elusive Walgreens coloringbook! (It has coupons in it!) .99

Children’s Motrin 5.99 – $1 insert q- $1 from Coloringbook= 3.99 UPDATE: I just realized I made a big mistake here! There is also an in ad q for $2 off in this week’s flyer!!!! argghhh I just gave away 2 whole dollars with this momentary lack of memory!!!

The covergirl bronzer was on clearance for 1.59 – $1 insert q= .59

Paid using 3 RR from earlier this week (I still have 5 left)

Balance due was 1.27… which I put on my gift card from rebates from last month. 🙂

Hooray for Walgreens.. FREE stuff again!


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More Walgreen’s Savings

Today I went to the Walgreens near my church instead of the one near my house… and I’m planning to stick to the one at home in the future! I had trouble using a few of my coupons here, and they wouldn’t take more than one RR! Oh well, I still made out like a bandit!


Transaction 1:

4 Boxes Quaker Oatmeal

Used WAGS Flyer Q 1.99 each= 7.96  – 4 (1.00) IP = 3.96 for 4 boxes

4 Boxes Special K on sale 2.50 each – 2(1.00 IP) and 1/2 recent insert. (there’s one in this Sunday’s paper too)= 6.00 for 4 boxes. EARNS 3 RR

filler item: votive candle 75% off chrismas clearance .10


Total due: 1.07

Transaction 2:

4 Boxes Quaker Oatmeal

Used WAGS Flyer Q 1.99 each= 7.96  – 4 (1.00) IP = 3.96 for 4 boxes

2 boxes Electrasol 20ct. on sale 3.49 each= 6.98- (2) 2.50 in today’s paper=1.98 for 2 boxes. (Plus, submit for 1.50 rebate!)

2 Ben & Jerry’s Icecream   $6 – (2)3.00 IP (this is no longer working, but you can read about it here)= FREE

Use 5 RR

Total due: 1.85

(this is where I had intended to use some filler items and also use the 3 RR earned in the 1st transaction, but this particular Walgreen’s wouldn’t allow me to use 2 RR’s. (said something about only 1 Walgreens coupon allowed per transaction??????)


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Walgreen’s helps break resolutions??

Just heard at Wags to Riches about next week’s deal on Ben & Jerry’s Icecream!

Great… now I’ll have no reason not to bring home free icecream right as I start my diet!! LOL

Here’s the “scoop”

Go here and you will be emailed a bricks coupon link. Use your back button to print out 2.

Then, next week, that very same icecream is on sale at Walgreens for 2/$6!

So… they’re both free! 🙂


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Walgreens Keeps Us Healthy for 2009!

Just got back from a quick run at Walgreens, I heard rumors over at Hot coupon World about a great Register Reward deal on Robitussin and Dimetapp… here’s how it worked for me:

Buy 5 Robitussin / Dimetapp 4 oz bottles any combination $4 each= $20
Earn 15 RR!
Use these printable coupons here
($2 off Robitussin or $2 off Dimetapp).
I spent $10 OOP
Earned 15 RR!

You can then roll those 15 RR into the Vicks deal…
Buy $20 worth Vicks products Earn 10RR
for instance:
2 Nyquil at $6 -(2) 1.50 expires 12/31
2 Vicks VapoRub at $4 -$(2)1 expires 1/31
total before q’s= $20
total after q’s = 15
Use 15 RR’s from previous purchase!
You will need a small filler item without a coupon.. so OOP will only be the price of your filler item. I found a small Christmas “metal box” on clearance for 12 cents! (Feel free to grab some free Puffs with your P&G coupon since you’re buying 2 vicks products!)
You will earn 10 RR for this purchase.

Roll that 10RR into another Dimetapp/Robitussin deal if you have more of those coupons and end up with another 15 RR’s!

All together you will have 12 bottles of of cold medicine and 2 vaporub’s for only $10 plus 15RR’s left over!

UPDATE: I went back to a different Walgreens to run the last 2 scenarios (rolling my first 15RR’s) and this location ended up printing me 20RR’s for the Dimetapp/Robitussin Deal!!!!


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1st trip to WAGS since before Thanksgiving!

Since returning from visiting lots of family for Thanksgiving… I took a break from shopping with a plan.

Yesterday, it was nice to be back to shopping with direction. I hit up Walgreens quite successfully.

cimg2801My favorite cashier was happy to see me again, and even told me when I walked in about a super special code she had that would give me $5 off a purchase of $20… and she could use it BEFORE coupons!!! She also found some of those Gazelle vacuum cleaners, and I snagged one of those finally!

Transaction 1:

Gazelle REchargeable Vac 39.99-$5/20 Code= 34.99 +tax  EARN: $5 RR (cause I spent $25…. super deal for the next few days only!) And, EARN: $20 Rebate= total actual cost: 9.99 (retail value is $70!)

Transaction 2:

2- Reach Ultra Clean toothbrushes on Sale 3.00- BOGO coupon EARN 6RR!

3- colgate Maxfresh w/ mouthwash beads on Sale 2.99 – (3) 1.00 coupon EARN 6 RR! (I thought this  was going to happen, making them all free.. but apparently the 2RR was a limit of 1) ACTUAL EARN 2 RR

3- white tissue paper WAGS q- .19 each

3- Almay clearance lipstick 1.89 each- 1 q each= .89 each

2009 desk calendar on Sale 2.00

Used the 5/20 code

Earned 5RR for spending 25

OOP: 11.98 Earned 13 RR

Transaction 3:

5 12pks Coke (on sale 3/10 buy 5 earn 5RR

– 1.00 (x5) coupons from My Coke Rewards

2 white tissue paper .19 each WAGS q

used 5 RR

OOP: 1.89 EARN 5 RR


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