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HOT!!!!!!!! COKE $1 OFF Printables!

Check out this post by Swaggrabber!!!

Coke $1 off coupons.. she has a link for firefox users and another one for explorer users!


(click this picture to go straight to the firefox version)

(click this picture to go straight to the firefox version)

Some people have reported being able to print 10, others 25… I’m currently printing #17!




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Printable Q’s found in my email

Here’s a bunch of coupons that showed up in my email this past week. I don’t know if I’ll be using them, but I don’t want them to go to waste! Hope they can help some of you!






2 sets of Food Lion q’s (I use these at Publix!)



$1 Off

$1 Off


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Someone likes me. ;)


I just discovered that Lynn over at Mom’s Loot has included me in her list of favorite bloggers and passed along this award to me!

*blush blush

Thanks so much Lynn!

I guess I’m supposed to list 7 things and blogs I love for you.

7 Things I LOVE:

1. Jesus Christ my savior, my Lord, and my friend!

2. My family.. of course. 😉

3. My Golden Retriever Lucky Star. (see photo)

4. laying in a hammock. (on my wish list for mother’s day)

5. watching lightning

6. keeping a prayer journal

7. music that makes my soul sing.

7 of my Favorite Blogs

(not all are frugal, but they are creative!)

1. Fiddledeedee- awesome Publix matchups I check here many times a week.

2. Kingdom First Mom– she’s probably won lots of awards and won’t even notice this one, but I love all of her site.

3. To Love Honor and Vacuum- a great blogger & author

4. The Musings of Joanna Reyburn- not a “frugal” blog.. but a very interesting woman.. I love following her musings.. she has a heart for Jesus just like me. 🙂

(Johanna- if you come here and check out this award.. please visit my other blog where i write more about my walk with the Lord instead of saving money. 😉

5. Biblical Womanhood– a site I check often to keep me a balanced wife!

6. God’s Divine Design– this is my sister in law’s brand new photography blog!! (I’m a photographer too by the way!!)

(shameless self plug goes here:)

7.Our Daily Blessing- Life – this is an online friend of mine who is blogging through her battle with cancer and her son’s lifelong health battles.

Thanks again Lynn! 🙂


So.. if I listed you here, grab the award at the top of this post and forward it on!!!


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I’m not posting about “deals” today… I’m bragging and announcing a new blog for my daughter!

She is a gymnast and is going to begin competing soon… If you’re interested in following along on her journey feel free to check out her blog!

If you “know” us IRL … and want to help… there’s info on that page that will tell you how!

Thanks for allowing this temporary “mom” override announcement!



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A moment of silence

In honor of the victims and families of the tragedy of 9/11 and in support of all AMERICANS uniting together once again… a poem I wrote on 9/12/01 to help explain it all to my 3 year old.

911 America

Planes may crash,

buildings may fall,

but Americans stand proud….

united and tall.

Terror may strike,

fear may be real,

but the strength of our country…

impossible to steal.

Together we stand,

together we’ll fight,

America the beautiful…

you’ll always shine bright.

Poem and image © Denesia Christine Huttula

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