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Target & Walgreens


Total Cash Spent: 11.85

Purchased at Target:

2 Purina Beggin Strips on Sale 2.02 – $2 printable q (x2)= .02ย  This coupon can be found by “digging in the dirt” while playing the game at that site.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder 1.39 -1 insert q= .39

Quaker Oatmeal on sale 2.50 – 1 printable q= 1.50 (this is something I was craving this morning!) This printable q site let me print 4 copies.

Purchased at Walgreens:

Qtips On sale 2.99 (NEEDED THESE!)

2- Suave Mens Shampoo on sale 1.86- .75 insert q(x2)=1.11 each

EARN 2 RR for buying the above items

Pepsi 4/$5 Get Sierra Mist Free= $1 each

2-GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Sale 1.99 – $1/2= 1.49 each

Revlon makeup items on CLEARANCE Sale 2.59 each PLUS B1G1 50% off I bought 4 for a total of 7.76 and used -$2 Revlon q’s (x4), so all the make up was totally free and they PAID me .24 towards my other items. ๐Ÿ™‚

At Walgreens I saved over $50 according to my receipt.. and at Target I think I saved at least $8.


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Target Score!!!


After making my trip to CVS and Walgreens (see post below), I decided on a whim to run into Target to see if I could pick up some Ziploc bags. I had heard on many boards around the web that Target carries bags of 25 Ziploc sandwich bags for $1… and I had a few Ziploc coupons.

Well, much to my delight, I found the bags over on the clearance endcaps in the toiletries section. They were marked at .70 a bag! I grabbed a bunch, and then started looking over the sample size aisle to see if I could find any match ups. As I was leaving, I noticed the Target price lady marking down the rest of the Ziploc’s to only 50 cents each!!!!

With my coupons, I ended up with 5 bags.. and I only spent .20 plus tax!

This past Sunday has one coupon for $1/2… which means you can get 2 bags for FREE even if you’re just starting out with couponing! Some older inserts also had .40 off 1, in addition to $1/2 …. which is why I ended up spending 20 cents.

So.. if you think buying in smaller sizes really isn’t worth it…. try this on for size. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got 125 sandwich bags for .23 cents TOTAL!

Happy shopping!

You can also print out 2 copies of this .75 off one bag here.

Only 2 prints per computer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plan for .25 overage in other purchases if you’re doing this, for instance you can get 3 bags with 2 coupons… all FREE!


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Target and Walgreens- Value $60.63 I spent……


Today I made a quick run to both Target and Walgreens to take advantage of some great deals!

At Target:

Transaction #1

BIC ballpoint pens ON CLEARANCE .62


Crest Plus ON CLEARANCE 1.38

Colgate Total ON CLEARANCE 1.88

4 Fudge Shoppe Cookie Boxes ON SALE 9.00 SPECIAL OFFER- GET $5 gift card for this purchase!

Total value- unknown… Today’s Value: $13.54

Coupons Used:

-1/2 BIC printable coupon no longer available (also found in an insert earlier this summer)

-.75 Crest coupon

-1 Colgate coupon

– 1/2 Fudge Shoppe coupon

-1/2 Fudge Shoppe coupon

Total Spent OOP after tax: $9.11

Transaction #2

Viva 8 pack of Papertowels Reg. 8.99 ON SALE 5.99 (advertised in store, but not in flyer)

Gillette Men’s Deodarant Value 2 pack ON CLEARANCE 4.70

2-Kraft Easy Mac Single Servings .77 each = $1.54

Total value: unknown Today’s value: 15.14

Coupons Used:

-$5 gift card from previous purchase

-.50 Viva printable coupon (I’m not sure if this same exact coupon will print for you or not.. I printed it last month)

-2.00 Gillette coupon

-2.00 Gillette coupon (there were 2 deodorants in that value pack and I was allowed to use 2 coupons for this purchase! YMMV)

-1.00 on 2 Easy Mac Single Servings coupon

Totalย  Spent OOP after tax: $1.64

Walgreens Run

2 Cover Girl Foundations Regular Price 8.99 each ON SALE BOGO

2 Cover Girl Bronzer Regular Price 5.99 each ON SALE BOGO

1 Excedrin PM 24 count bottle ON SALE 1.99 SPECIAL OFFER- $1 RR for this purchase

Total Value: $31.95

Coupons Used

-8.99 Covergirl BOGO found in P&G insert 8.31

-5.99 Covergirl BOGO found in P&G insert 8/31

– 2.00 ExcedrinPM found in insert earlier last month

Total Spent OOP After Tax: 1.05 EARNED $1 in RR for my next purchase! = .05 actual price

Let me know how you did at Target and Walgreens this week!

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