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Finally,we can drink Coke!


We’ve been really thirsty lately around my house! I refuse to buy soda for more than $2 a 12 pack.. and lately the prices seem to just get larger as the packs are reduced to 8 packs!

Thankfully, CVS and the ECB program are coming to my rescue. I’ll be getting my 12 packs for only $1 each!!!

Here’s my plan for today.. broken down into 3 transactions.

Transaction #1

2 Adidas Action 3 deodorant 3.99 x2=7.98 EARN 6 ECB  (-2 $1 off coupons from a recent insert and -4 ECB’s on hand from last week) = 1.98 cash needed.

Transaction #2

3 Kellogg’s Cereal $10 EARN 5 ECB (– 3 $1 off PRINTABLE coupons, – 6 ECB’s from Transaction #1)= 1.00 cash needed

Transaction #3

5 Coke 12 packs $20 EARN 10 ECB (– 5 $1 off My coke Rewards coupons, – 5 ECB from Transaction #2) = 10.00 cash needed

I will be spending $12.98 in cash.. yeah, I know seems kinda high…

but leaving the store with 10 ECB= 2.98 OOP for all of that!

UPDATE: I ended up only doing 2 transactions.. the Coke first and then the rest. Ended up with 11 ECB’s. 🙂



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Rolled $4ECB


My favorite Razors helped me roll 4ECB’s.

Here’s my CVS Scenario:

1 Schick Intuition PLus Razor 8.99

-4 coupon (recent insert)

_4 ECB from last week

Subtotal: .99 plus tax= 1.34


Basically I got 2 razor “refills” for $1

Gotta love CVS. 🙂


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fooled by the small print

I must be a bit out of practice.. I went into CVS today for just a few items that I saw in this weeks ad without checking out other bloggers or Hot Coupon World first….

I THOUGHT I was going to get 2 ECB’s for buying my gallon of milk… but I totally missed the whole section below it in the ad that states that you need to ALSO buy 4 boxes of cereal. 😦

Here’s what my ad said:

Milk 2.79

2 Extra Care Bucks


“It’s like getting your mild for .79!

Then down below it, there’s a sale on cereal 4/$10 and THEN a statement about the 2 ECB’s WHEN YOU BUY BOTH in small print.

Well, I am a bit annoyed about this… it was VERY misleading if you ask me!


The Crest Pro Health deal worked just fine

I bought 2 Crest Pro Health for 2.88 each used a .75 off coupon and a $1 off coupon…and earned $4 ECB’s =.01 OOP for both!!!

I also picked up a raincheck for the FREE after ECB’s Edge Shave Gel.


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List in Hand….

At Publix today I’ve prepared my shopping list online again.

Shopping List


Muffins, 4-Count
Using FLIP $2/$5 Bakery coupon
Lender’s Bagels Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
Sourdough Round French Bread
Using FLIP Bakery Coupon from above


Florida Grape Tomatoes Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
Using $2/$5 FLIP Produce Coupon

Trop50 Orange Juice Beverage .Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1 -$1 recent insert

Florida Strawberries3 FOR $5.00
Part of my Produce deal for the FLIP


Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
$1/3 IP- Get 6 boxes.. use 2 q’s=  .66 a box!

Classico Pasta Sauce2 FOR $4.00

$1/2 IP


Knorr Sides Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
75/2 recent insert coupon
Dole Fruit, Gel, or Parfait Bowls Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
$1/2 IP
Del Monte Fresh Cut Vegetables  79¢
.75 off 50% less salt = .04 each!


Keebler Cookies Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1

Entenmann’s Little Bites .Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1

Chef Boyardee.89¢


Yoplait Yogurt Buy 1 Get 1 FREE1
1.50 IP (print 2!) = both FREE!


Whole Chicken
79¢ lb

And of course, I’ll use a CVS $10/50 or $5/30 leftover in my binder from the past. (My Publix honors expired $/$ competitor q’s)

Next I’ll run by CVS for:

(I live in a limited area with a smaller weekly ad)

2 Gallons of Milk $3 each= 6.00 (I will earn 2 ECB’s)

2 bottles of Dawn dish soap= $2 ( I will earn 1 ECB)

Coupons used:

$1 dawn from home mailer

.50 dawn recent insert

5 ECB from last week

Spend 1.50 Earn 3 ECB.

(Yes, I know I’m “losing ECB’s here, but I’m happy with spending them for milk!!!)

Then I’ll skip by Walgreens and pick up:

Pepsi 12 packs…

They are on sale 3/$10.92  and there’s a Walgreens Flyer q for B3G1. So I’m going to pick up 5.

Why 5? Because in addition to the Walgreens Coupon I’ve printed out 2 of the Diet Pepsi B2G1 coupons!

Buy 3 get 1= 4 rung up at register

those 4 are good towards 2 more free!

total money= 8.42 for 5 12 packs!

(i’ll be using my gift card so this will be free to me)

UPDATE! Receipts now in hand too!

Publix: Savings- 139.94  Spent 84.09!!!

CVS- Spent 8 ECB NO CASH… earned 3 ECB back  and will be drinking FREE MILK all week!

Walgreens: also mixed in a Flintstone Vitamin stacking deal ($2 off in this week’s ad, $1 recent insert, and $1 off Walgreens Coloring Book!) Spent a total of 16.07.. all on my gift card from January’s rebates!


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CVS Plan 2/9/09

xtracarelogo1I haven’t been to CVS in awhile now! To be honest, the deals haven’t been that great lately, and I’m about to expire a 10ECB so… here’s my plan for today.

4- 12 packs Coke (2 day coupon) $11

4 boxes Wheat Thins $4

1- Gillette Fusion Razor  $7.99

Subtotal: 22.99


$4.00 My coke Rewards coupons (4x$1)

$4.00 Wheat thins ($2/2 x2 found at Publix)

$4.00 Gillete Fusion Razor recent insert

New Subtotal: 10.99

Pay with 10 ECB and .99 plus tax.

Earn 4 ECB

I am in the cherry picker stages, so I really don’t buy things I don’t need. My stockpile is already full most things!

I will also keep my eye out for the following deals:

Mylanta Ultimate Strength Cherry ringing up at 3.65  (use $2 q here) Earn $3 ECB= 1.35 moneymaker! Learn more Here

CVS cotton rounds makeup remover pads 25 ct. (upc 0 50428 08619 3) .99 Buy 2 Earn $2ECB= .02 moneymaker! Learn more Here (this deal is even better if you have a CVS skincare coupons!)


Actual Purchase today:

4 Coke 12 packs

2 Wheat Thins

1 Gillete Fusion Gamer Razor

1 Mylanta Ultimate cherry

Subtotal: 24.74

Coupons & ECB spent:  24.74

tax: .37 OOP




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CVS trading in the New Year


2 Colgate MaxFResh 5.00 EARN 2 ECB

– 1.50 CVS Q, – 1.00 IP

2 OB tampons 9.00

– (2) 1.50 IP

2 Mylanta 12 ox 12.00 EARN 10ECB for buying items in red.

-(2) 2.00 IP OR 4/2 in this sunday’s paper!

2 Scotch Pop Up Tape on Clearance 1.98

-(2) .75 IP

2 Newspapers 3.00 (not pictured)

2 Snickers (filler) 1.00

Total: 13.98

Used 13.98 ECB’s NO OOP!

Earned 12 ECB’s.I guess you could say I basically paid for one of my papers. 🙂


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Battery Day at CVS

xtracarelogo1I’m so greatful for my Extra Care Card!

After much thought and “figuring” of what order to buy things… here was my working of the CVS Duracell Battery Deal.

What’s the CVS Duracell Battery Deal you say??? Buy $20 in Duracell batteries.. get $15 ECB!!! (Limit 3) And… CVS had a coupon out last week for $5/2 Duracell battery packages. 🙂 (I have a few extras if anyone in my area wants one.. just comment and ask!!!)

Transaction #1- Building my ECB’s

10.00 4 Glade Jar Candles on sale 2/$5 Buy $10 worth Get 5 ECB’s

5.99 Duracell AAA 4pk

3.98 2 Excedrin 20 gel packs – RAINCHECK ITEM (regular  3.50 each)

Coupons Used:

-4/20 CVS email

-3 CVS Excedrin q- printed out at machine

-2 Excedrin q Printable

-2 Excedrin q PRINTABLE

-1.50/2 Glade Candles recent insert

-1.50/2 Glade Candles recent insert

– 3.99 ECB’s from Last Week

Total Due: 2.33

Earn 5 ECB’s

Transaction #2 Let the Battery Roll Begin

9.99 Duracell AA 16 pack

5.99 Duracell AA 4pk

Coupons Used:

-.75 Duracell (in this week’s paper.. and also one from last month)

-$5/2 CVS Duracell Q (tearpad.. I have extras if you want them1)

-3 ECB’s from last week

-5 ECB’s from Transaction #1

Total: 2.44 OOP

Earn 15 ECB

Transaction #3 These items don’t mix. 🙂

9.99 Duracell AA 16 pack

5.99 Duracell AA 4 pack

5.99 Duracell AA 4 pack

2.58 2 Dasani Water 20 oz water’s (buy 2 earn 1 ECB)

Coupons Used

-4/20 CVS email

-$5/2 CVS Duracell tearpad

-15 ECB Transaction #2

Total: .69 OOP (I just realized I actually missed out on this one.. apparently my 4/20 didn’t scan and I actually spent 4.69. 😦 )

Earn 16 ECB

Transaction #4 Repeat #3

9.99 Duracell AA 16 pack

5.99 Duracell AA 4 pack

5.99 Duracell AA 4 pack

2.58 2 Dasani Water 20 oz water’s (buy 2 earn 1 ECB)

Coupons Used

-4/20 CVS email

-$5/2 CVS Duracell tearpad

-16 ECB Transaction #3

total: 0.00

Earn 16 ECB


Overall… I spent 9.46 in cash (should have been 5.46, my mistake)… and I walked away with tons of batteries, candles, and water.. AND an additional 16 ECB’s  to use for Black Friday!!! 🙂 By the way.. that’s $98 worth of stuff at regular prices. 🙂


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