Someone likes me. ;)


I just discovered that Lynn over at Mom’s Loot has included me in her list of favorite bloggers and passed along this award to me!

*blush blush

Thanks so much Lynn!

I guess I’m supposed to list 7 things and blogs I love for you.

7 Things I LOVE:

1. Jesus Christ my savior, my Lord, and my friend!

2. My family.. of course. 😉

3. My Golden Retriever Lucky Star. (see photo)

4. laying in a hammock. (on my wish list for mother’s day)

5. watching lightning

6. keeping a prayer journal

7. music that makes my soul sing.

7 of my Favorite Blogs

(not all are frugal, but they are creative!)

1. Fiddledeedee- awesome Publix matchups I check here many times a week.

2. Kingdom First Mom– she’s probably won lots of awards and won’t even notice this one, but I love all of her site.

3. To Love Honor and Vacuum- a great blogger & author

4. The Musings of Joanna Reyburn- not a “frugal” blog.. but a very interesting woman.. I love following her musings.. she has a heart for Jesus just like me. 🙂

(Johanna- if you come here and check out this award.. please visit my other blog where i write more about my walk with the Lord instead of saving money. 😉

5. Biblical Womanhood– a site I check often to keep me a balanced wife!

6. God’s Divine Design– this is my sister in law’s brand new photography blog!! (I’m a photographer too by the way!!)

(shameless self plug goes here:)

7.Our Daily Blessing- Life – this is an online friend of mine who is blogging through her battle with cancer and her son’s lifelong health battles.

Thanks again Lynn! 🙂


So.. if I listed you here, grab the award at the top of this post and forward it on!!!



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4 responses to “Someone likes me. ;)

  1. Deni – Love your blog. So glad I found you while bloghopping today =)

  2. Oh, Deni, it was so sweet of you to give a link and mention my blog…your blog was one of the first couponing blogs I saved as a favorite (I still look forward to reading each new post) when I started my blog in April 2008…thank you so much !

  3. Thanks so much for this award! So often I feel like I write all this stuff and no one is listening, so it’s great to know that you’re reading it and enjoying it!


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