CVS Plan 2/9/09

xtracarelogo1I haven’t been to CVS in awhile now! To be honest, the deals haven’t been that great lately, and I’m about to expire a 10ECB so… here’s my plan for today.

4- 12 packs Coke (2 day coupon) $11

4 boxes Wheat Thins $4

1- Gillette Fusion Razor  $7.99

Subtotal: 22.99


$4.00 My coke Rewards coupons (4x$1)

$4.00 Wheat thins ($2/2 x2 found at Publix)

$4.00 Gillete Fusion Razor recent insert

New Subtotal: 10.99

Pay with 10 ECB and .99 plus tax.

Earn 4 ECB

I am in the cherry picker stages, so I really don’t buy things I don’t need. My stockpile is already full most things!

I will also keep my eye out for the following deals:

Mylanta Ultimate Strength Cherry ringing up at 3.65  (use $2 q here) Earn $3 ECB= 1.35 moneymaker! Learn more Here

CVS cotton rounds makeup remover pads 25 ct. (upc 0 50428 08619 3) .99 Buy 2 Earn $2ECB= .02 moneymaker! Learn more Here (this deal is even better if you have a CVS skincare coupons!)


Actual Purchase today:

4 Coke 12 packs

2 Wheat Thins

1 Gillete Fusion Gamer Razor

1 Mylanta Ultimate cherry

Subtotal: 24.74

Coupons & ECB spent:  24.74

tax: .37 OOP





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9 responses to “CVS Plan 2/9/09

  1. LWwillLOSE

    Deni, our CVS ECBs and receipt coupons do not expire where I live (or CVS takes their expired ones, I guess I should say ;-)) You might want to ask yours just to see. Great job on your saving… I enjoy this blog of yours very much. I’m all about the “deals” these days… my dd thinks I’m insane 🙂

    • awakened1

      LWwillLose.. don’t I recognize you from somewhere else? 😉 Good to see you! My CVS does take expired ECB’s but they usually act like they are doing me a favor so I still get nervous about doing it… afraid that someday I’ll get a cashier who says no! By the way.. when your kids think your insane.. it means you’re doing your job! LOL my kids are actually past the point of thinking I’m insane and starting to realize that my way of shopping leaves more money for THEIR activities!!

  2. Deni,

    Thanks for all your great postings…I love it…so many deals, so little time, but I try my best ! LOL

    Have you heard the skinny on Walgreens going to a system similar to CVS ?

    CVS did a test market in our area recently that I boycotted…it was so not good ! Wonder if they are going to change their system too ??? Thanks !

    • awakened1

      I have read a little bit of rumors about Walgreens changing their system over at Hot Coupon World, but I don’t think anythings been made certain yet. I’m not sure if I want them to change… things have been working great for me at both locations now that I understand the rules! If they change.. then I’ll have to learn new stuff!!

  3. Deni, I miss you…are you O.K. ???

    • awakened1

      Ahhh thanks Lynn!!! I’m fine.. we’re moving… literally today… and I haven’t had time to shop let alone blog!!! Computer is being shut down today and I don’t know if I”ll have it back up before Tuesday… and.. shopping trips aren’t scheduled yet. 🙂 But thanks so much for checking in on me!!! I really appreciate it! ~Deni

  4. Good luck with your move Deni and setting up your new home…it does take a lot out of you and I look forward to you being back soon LOL

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