Free Photo Fun

photo editing awesomeness

I have just discovered the wonderful FREE resource called picnik!!!

As a photographer, I can’t believe I never knew about this site, but it’s way more than just adding frames and text to your photos, it’s like a preprogrammed Photoshop on the internet for FREE!

For instance, I took this decent photo and changed it …

052607002 into this:


or with the click of just a few more buttons, I took this:

0092 and changed it into this:


So try it for yourself! It’s FREE!

If you want to see more of my photo fun.. visit my flickr page!

This is what Works for me!

To see other Works for me ideas, Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers!





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2 responses to “Free Photo Fun

  1. Nancy

    I love free photoshop like programs!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. mub

    I’ve been having fun with Picnik too and am trying to decide if I want to shell out for the paid version!

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