Publix Savings 1/17/09

publixcheckerMy Publix checker today was a new guy… and he made it a point to tell me that I was his biggest saver today!!! 🙂

Total Value: 127.60

Actually Spent: 44.51


Stayed under budget again. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite deals today:

Yoplait Gogurt BOGO 2.99

– $1/2 Printable = 1.99 for 2 = .99 each

Betty Crocker Muffins BOGO 2.59

-1/2 Printable = 1.59 for 2= .80 each

Coffemate Creamer (LARGE SIZE) 2.50

– 1.50 Printable = 1.00 EACH (I printed 2 q’s, so I got 2- this is a great price!)

Tostitos Chips BOGO 4.99 (for the family size bag bite size type)

-1 Target Printable (use 2!) = 2.99 for 2= 1.50 each

(This q say’s Family Size Lay’s chips… Tostitos is a Fritolay company so you can use it on those.)

* My Tostitos bags had a q on them for $2 off any frito lay dip wyb 2 chips so I picked up

Frito lay dip 2.79.. used the q and got it for .79

Ritz Crackers BOGO 3.69

USED THIS Combo coupon deal…. it was a tear pad in the cracker aisle awhile ago.

-$1 wyb Nabisco Crackers AND Kraft cheese

-$1 wyb Nabisco Crackers AND Kraft cheese

Kraft Cheese 2.79 (buy 2)

-.75 Blinkie (use 2)

=1.69 2 boxes RITZ= .84 each

= 2.04 each Kraft Cheese

Publix Icecream 2.79

– $1 Food Lion IP (also prints with $1 off the following: FL Peanut Butter, FL Cereal, FL Cheese- can purchase Publix brand instead in order to use this q at Publix. Print out as many as you think you’ll need because you won’t get a 2nd chance to print from this link on your computer… this rule is always true with Food Lion IP’s)

= 1.79 each

Aunt Jemima Syrup BOGO 3.79

– 1/2 recent insert= 2.79 for 2 = 1.39 each

Need produce? Use the Food Lion IP  -2/5
also prints:

$1 off any Healthy Accents Cough or Cold Medicine
$1 off three FL vitamin waters
55¢ off Nestle cookie dough (refridgerated)

Use Deli products? Use the Food Lion IP -2/5

(Also prints the same as above… but the produce q is replaced with the deli q.)

Don’t forget to use any $/$$ coupons you might have come across!

Today I used another $10/50 from CVS AND a recent Publix mailer of $5/30

so, how did Publix treat you today???? Please comment!

Be sure to check out Fiddledeedee for more Publix deals!




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4 responses to “Publix Savings 1/17/09

  1. Wow Deni,
    Excellent shopping ! I went to Publix on the 16th and posted results on my blog…You’re awesome !

  2. Kim

    Hi Deni,

    I’m new to this site and I have a few comments/questions. First, congratulations on your shopping. Wow!

    I noticed that you used coupons from Food Lion, CVS and Target. Do you know if all Publix stores accept coupons from other stores? I had no idea you could do that. (I guess you can tell I’m a newbie, huh?)

  3. awakened1

    The Publix policy for accepting competitors coupons is set by each local store. All of the ones in my area do.. but you will need to check with your store to make sure. You should also check to see “who” they consider a competitor! Make a case for CVS and Walgreens as competitors because both CVS and Walgreens now sell some grocery items as well as toiletry items and pharmacy items just like Publix.

    Be sure to actually speak with your manager to get the facts instead of just a cashier, otherwise you might run into “some cashiers say yes, and others say no”.

    Good luck with your shopping! Be sure to check back and leave comments so we can “celebrate” with you as you learn the ropes!

  4. Sean

    Publix policy on cupons varies slightly per district, not per store. Generally, what they are looking for in “competitor” cupons is that the cupon is from a store that deals in a similar business market and carries similar items. ie you won’t be able to use a K-Mart cupon for 50% off a plasma TV and expect to get 50% off your steaks. 1 store cupon, and 1 manufacturer cupon are accepted (this includes bogo items, sale items, and regularly priced items). Cash back on a cupon IS accepted, but not advertised. If a cashier says different, request to speak to a manager. If the manager says different, request the number to corporate. It was explained to me very simply…Publix would rather you shop at Publix. For the few people able to find and use cupons well enough to actually get cash back…give them their money and tell them you’ll see them again. Publix gets their money back from the manufacturer, and the Publix cupon isn’t going to be lower than the cost…so either way Publix is gaining some money off the item.

    In my area, we had a problem with “Cupon Nazi’s” and were told by corporate to take the cupons given, scan them, and put them in the register. A brief scan to make sure each cupon is from a competitor, but no more spreading the cupons out to pick apart every detail, and definately no more sitting there looking for ways to deny a customer there $0.30 on a $50 order. Lines back up, customers get upset, and it affects more areas than just that one customer trying to save a little money.

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