Needed to spend a 5RR


I admit I haven’t done any “planning” for my shopping yet this week. And here it is Wednesday and I’m just now getting Sunday’s paper!!!

I did remember that I had a $5RR that expires today at Walgreens, so I ran in with my coupon binder and got these items:

2 Lysol Wipes BOGO 3.79

3.79 – (2)1.00 MFG q= 1.79/2= .89 each

2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner BOGO 2.79

2.79 – 2(.75) MFG q= 1.29=.64 each

2 Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste SALE 2.99

5.98– (2) 2.00 WAGS q (rebate book) – (2) .75 MFG q= .48/2= .24 each

Sunday paper 1.50

Sales tax: .98

Paid with $5RR and used 1.04 on my gift card from last month.

Zero OOP …. again. 🙂

If you want to see some more Walgreens matchups, try Moms By Heart for a full listing of coupon matchups for this week at Walgreens. She’s another great resource you might want to subscribe to if you’re using my WFMW idea!

Happy Shopping… Please comment and let me know what you found at Walgreens this week! If you’re new to WAGS shopping, be sure to check out my Understanding Walgreens post!



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