2nd run on Walgreens


I decided to swing by Walgreens again this week just because I missed my neighborhood WAGs after my difficulty at a different store earlier this week. 🙂

I managed to snag 2 more clearance Garnier Fructis conditioners. (My daughter’s FAV)

On sale 1.79×2=3.58

– 2.00 (I had 2 q’s from a recent insert)

– 3.58 WAGS q in the montly booklet. (says $2 off , but it adjusts down to the price paid.. however, it doesn’t realize I used coupons from Garnier so this is a $2 money maker for me!)

I also found the elusive Walgreens coloringbook! (It has coupons in it!) .99

Children’s Motrin 5.99 – $1 insert q- $1 from Coloringbook= 3.99 UPDATE: I just realized I made a big mistake here! There is also an in ad q for $2 off in this week’s flyer!!!! argghhh I just gave away 2 whole dollars with this momentary lack of memory!!!

The covergirl bronzer was on clearance for 1.59 – $1 insert q= .59

Paid using 3 RR from earlier this week (I still have 5 left)

Balance due was 1.27… which I put on my gift card from rebates from last month. 🙂

Hooray for Walgreens.. FREE stuff again!



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