Wednesday Double Dose of Good


Today I want to praise God for…

my parents!!! 🙂

Without my parents committment to loving me and teaching me the way I should go, I would be lost and miserable. So, I praise God for choosing the parents he gave me. 🙂


I am also joining in with a fellow blogger Called Rocks In My Dryer as she shares ideas that “work for her”. I will be taking part in this challenge along with many other bloggers. Click on the picture to go see all the other “Works-For-Me Wednesday” ideas!

My Works-for-Me Wednesday idea is something I read in a magazine last summer. When I organize my linen closet, I used to have a mess on my hands.. with sheets from different sets ending up mixed together. Now I use those left over Christmas ribbons or even my daughters old headbands.. to bundle each set together in the closet! Makes it super easy to grab the new complete set! No more searching for the matching pillowcase!!! The entire set is securlely kept to gether keeping my linen closet neat and saving me time when changing sheets.

w4mw-007I’ve also found that rolling big comforters and wrapping an old belt around them to secure them is a great way to keep the blankets from falling out when you grab the one on the bottom. 🙂

Please comment and let me know what works for you!




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8 responses to “Wednesday Double Dose of Good

  1. Mo

    great idea about using old ribbons to secure those blankets/comforters, that are so hard to store; I’m gonna go look for some in my sewing basket right now!

  2. Great idea about using belts!

    Thanks, Kara



  4. awakened1

    Melody, that’s a great idea too! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I fold everything and then wrap the sheet around the pile, but this way sounds better!

    I have used the leftover ribbons to tie around the wrapping paper rolls instead of tape. This way, you don’t have to mess with trying to get the tape off or ruining that whole foot of paper because it ripped trying to get the tape off. (This may have to be MY WFMW post for next week lol)

    Come visit me today at The Goat

  6. Judith

    I organize sheet sets, too, by set (I like the ribbon idea; I’ll give that a try.)
    One thing I did that helps the family get and put away things in the linen closet is label the shelves —- twin, double, queen sheets and also twin, double, and queen blankets. It really helps when they grab sheets to change beds or grab a blanket for the camper.

  7. Very nice idea. I am going to borrow this. My linen closet is a disaster! 🙂

  8. So simple! So smart! Thanks for sharing.

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