Walgreens Keeps Us Healthy for 2009!

Just got back from a quick run at Walgreens, I heard rumors over at Hot coupon World about a great Register Reward deal on Robitussin and Dimetapp… here’s how it worked for me:

Buy 5 Robitussin / Dimetapp 4 oz bottles any combination $4 each= $20
Earn 15 RR!
Use these printable coupons here
($2 off Robitussin or $2 off Dimetapp).
I spent $10 OOP
Earned 15 RR!

You can then roll those 15 RR into the Vicks deal…
Buy $20 worth Vicks products Earn 10RR
for instance:
2 Nyquil at $6 -(2) 1.50 expires 12/31
2 Vicks VapoRub at $4 -$(2)1 expires 1/31
total before q’s= $20
total after q’s = 15
Use 15 RR’s from previous purchase!
You will need a small filler item without a coupon.. so OOP will only be the price of your filler item. I found a small Christmas “metal box” on clearance for 12 cents! (Feel free to grab some free Puffs with your P&G coupon since you’re buying 2 vicks products!)
You will earn 10 RR for this purchase.

Roll that 10RR into another Dimetapp/Robitussin deal if you have more of those coupons and end up with another 15 RR’s!

All together you will have 12 bottles of of cold medicine and 2 vaporub’s for only $10 plus 15RR’s left over!

UPDATE: I went back to a different Walgreens to run the last 2 scenarios (rolling my first 15RR’s) and this location ended up printing me 20RR’s for the Dimetapp/Robitussin Deal!!!!



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