1st trip to WAGS since before Thanksgiving!

Since returning from visiting lots of family for Thanksgiving… I took a break from shopping with a plan.

Yesterday, it was nice to be back to shopping with direction. I hit up Walgreens quite successfully.

cimg2801My favorite cashier was happy to see me again, and even told me when I walked in about a super special code she had that would give me $5 off a purchase of $20… and she could use it BEFORE coupons!!! She also found some of those Gazelle vacuum cleaners, and I snagged one of those finally!

Transaction 1:

Gazelle REchargeable Vac 39.99-$5/20 Code= 34.99 +tax  EARN: $5 RR (cause I spent $25…. super deal for the next few days only!) And, EARN: $20 Rebate= total actual cost: 9.99 (retail value is $70!)

Transaction 2:

2- Reach Ultra Clean toothbrushes on Sale 3.00- BOGO coupon EARN 6RR!

3- colgate Maxfresh w/ mouthwash beads on Sale 2.99 – (3) 1.00 coupon EARN 6 RR! (I thought this  was going to happen, making them all free.. but apparently the 2RR was a limit of 1) ACTUAL EARN 2 RR

3- white tissue paper WAGS q- .19 each

3- Almay clearance lipstick 1.89 each- 1 q each= .89 each

2009 desk calendar on Sale 2.00

Used the 5/20 code

Earned 5RR for spending 25

OOP: 11.98 Earned 13 RR

Transaction 3:

5 12pks Coke (on sale 3/10 buy 5 earn 5RR

– 1.00 (x5) coupons from My Coke Rewards

2 white tissue paper .19 each WAGS q

used 5 RR

OOP: 1.89 EARN 5 RR



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