Target & Walgreens


Total Cash Spent: 11.85

Purchased at Target:

2 Purina Beggin Strips on Sale 2.02 – $2 printable q (x2)= .02  This coupon can be found by “digging in the dirt” while playing the game at that site.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder 1.39 -1 insert q= .39

Quaker Oatmeal on sale 2.50 – 1 printable q= 1.50 (this is something I was craving this morning!) This printable q site let me print 4 copies.

Purchased at Walgreens:

Qtips On sale 2.99 (NEEDED THESE!)

2- Suave Mens Shampoo on sale 1.86- .75 insert q(x2)=1.11 each

EARN 2 RR for buying the above items

Pepsi 4/$5 Get Sierra Mist Free= $1 each

2-GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Sale 1.99 – $1/2= 1.49 each

Revlon makeup items on CLEARANCE Sale 2.59 each PLUS B1G1 50% off I bought 4 for a total of 7.76 and used -$2 Revlon q’s (x4), so all the make up was totally free and they PAID me .24 towards my other items. 🙂

At Walgreens I saved over $50 according to my receipt.. and at Target I think I saved at least $8.


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