Smart Shopping

Being a smart shopper even pays during a crisis! Today my daughter pulled a muscle in her neck (long story).. and after a trip to the doctor we needed to run by CVS to pick up some IcyHot.

Now… IcyHot is not something I am stocked up on… as a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “deal” on icehot before.

Luckily.. prior to going to the doctor’s office, I checked my mailbox.

Inside my mailbox was a Crest coupon postcard for $3 off Crest ProHealth Rinse or toothpaste. Apparently I had signed up for their special offers here awhile ago.

I just so happened to bring it with me as we went to the doctors.

Then, on our way home, we stopped at CVS… I bought my Crest Pro Health whitening toothhpaste…which was on sale for $3.49 used my $3 coupon.. and out printed my 3.49 ECB. 🙂 I paid .74 OOP with tax… and was able to use that 3.49 ECB along with a 1 ECB from yesterday to buy the IcyHot for a new OOP total of .50 🙂 🙂

Not bad for an “emergency trip” that normally would have cost me 5 bucks. 🙂

Being a smart shop really pays… it’s really nice to know I can provide for my child when she’s sick without cringing at the checkout.



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  1. I just got that coupon in the mail today too 🙂 You did great, and it certainly does pay!

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