Target Score!!!


After making my trip to CVS and Walgreens (see post below), I decided on a whim to run into Target to see if I could pick up some Ziploc bags. I had heard on many boards around the web that Target carries bags of 25 Ziploc sandwich bags for $1… and I had a few Ziploc coupons.

Well, much to my delight, I found the bags over on the clearance endcaps in the toiletries section. They were marked at .70 a bag! I grabbed a bunch, and then started looking over the sample size aisle to see if I could find any match ups. As I was leaving, I noticed the Target price lady marking down the rest of the Ziploc’s to only 50 cents each!!!!

With my coupons, I ended up with 5 bags.. and I only spent .20 plus tax!

This past Sunday has one coupon for $1/2… which means you can get 2 bags for FREE even if you’re just starting out with couponing! Some older inserts also had .40 off 1, in addition to $1/2 …. which is why I ended up spending 20 cents.

So.. if you think buying in smaller sizes really isn’t worth it…. try this on for size. 🙂 I got 125 sandwich bags for .23 cents TOTAL!

Happy shopping!

You can also print out 2 copies of this .75 off one bag here.

Only 2 prints per computer. 🙂 Plan for .25 overage in other purchases if you’re doing this, for instance you can get 3 bags with 2 coupons… all FREE!



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