Coupon Class… inspired me to plan some easy scenarios!

After meeting with my neighbors tonight to learn about couponing from the Crazy Coupon Ladies I decided to go ahead and do some planning for this week at CVS and Walgreens. I won’t need anything from Publix till at least Thursday.

Anyway… like Kendra said, this week is not really a great week for getting started. But here’s what I’m planning:


Almay BOGO sale

Buy Almay Mascara $6.99 (this is a Nov. FREE after Rebate item)

Get another Almay item FREE

Use 2 $2off q’s (found these at Kmart in their “beauty handbook” in the shampoo aisle last week)

My cost: 2.99 for both Almay items. I really like Almay eye shadow!

I have a gift card loaded with approx. $12 from previous months “rebate” items. I will use this card to buy these 2 make up items.. and it is not costing me ANYTHING from my pocket. I will EARN $6.99 BACK ONTO my card at the end of November.

Since I have quite a bit left over on my card, I might pick up some milk (on sale for $3.49) or some Hefty One Zip bags. The Hefty One Zip bags have a Walgreens coupon in this week’s flyer for BOGO. I have a 55 cents off coupon, so I will be paying 1.47 each after all discounts. But, I might skip this deal since I only have one of those coupons.. and I know that I could get them even cheaper if I had 2 coupons to use on this deal!

After I get home from this purchase, I will go to this link and enter my upc codes to earn myself a FREE Almay moisturizer AND a $5 off coupon for a later purchase.Β  (this offer doesn’t seem to be working anymore. 😦 )


Coke is a “need” item in our house and if I can get it for cheaper than $2/12pack.. I do. πŸ™‚

4- Coke 12 packs $12.00 EARN $3 ECB’s

– 4 ($1 off coupons I earned using My Coke Reward’s points) (I “purchase” these coupons for 35 points. 35 points will let me print out 2 coupons.)

4- Icebreakers Gum (my dh chews gum alot, so if I can get it on sale, I do.) πŸ™‚ $4

– 2 ($1/2 coupons from a recent insert) (This just happened to be a week when I bought 2 papers!)

(This deal will build on itself if I choose to buy more gum or candy later this week…. $10 spent EARNS $5ECB)

My cost= $10

I have a $10ECB in my binder from a previous week. I’ll pay using that plus any tax owed with cash.Β  I will EARN $3 ECB’s back.

This is a “loss” for me.. even though I’m bringing home all this soda and not spending any real money… I’m losing ECB’s. But.. it’s worth it for me because it’s a “need” item. πŸ™‚

Anyway.. let me know if this helps you all! And let me know if you’re in FIP and you want to start a coupon trading train from mailbox to mailbox. πŸ™‚




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2 responses to “Coupon Class… inspired me to plan some easy scenarios!

  1. Thanks for the info…I am off to CVS!

  2. Thanks for the scenarios. Would you mind if I borrowed them (giving you full credit of course!) for my blog?

    Also, do you have a small picture (around 150px wide) I can put as a link to your blog? I would like to add you to my list πŸ™‚

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