Scary Good Deals at Publix

It’s the night before Halloween, and I can’t sleep. I’m up at 2am… positively frightened by how  much I’m gonna save at Publix in the morning! 🙂

Here are some of the deals I’m looking the most forward to…..

Green Giant Valley Steamers on sale 50% off -1 q (I have some from inserts, and some printables ) This should be anywhere from 20cents a bag… to free… depends on what they have posted as the regular price.

Ore Ida Steam ‘n Mash BOGO 3.99 Buy 2- Use 2 Printable -1 q’s AND stack with $1/2 Publix = .99 for 2 bags!

Apple’s on sale 1.29 lb.. use Food Lion Internet Printable -1q just play the little game... you don’t have to win… and you still get to print the $1 off any bag of apples from the produce section.

Produce= use $2/5 FLIP here

Bakery= use $2/5 FLIP here

(print both out… they have different coupons on them)

I also have a CVS $10/50 q (printed out on last receipt) I can use, if my total gets that high before coupons. Or a $4/20 that they emailed me.

I wish Publix was open 24 hours a day! I’d be there right now!!!

PS- I’m not really up just to plan my shopping! I’m just plain NOT tired tonight!!! I’m sure I’ll be paying for this late night blog in the morning. 🙂


Wow….I really think this was a GREAT week at Publix!!!

Those Ore Ida Mashers were an even better deal than I thought… my Publix q’s were $1 off 1… and my manny q’s were $1 off 1 as well. They were on sale 3.99 BOGO… so I could use $4 in q’s for 2 bags… which makes them FREE.. so.. I ended up buying 6… all for free!! Plus, I found a q in my binder that gave me $3.99 off of 1 of them because I “bought” 3!!! So… Publix actually paid ME $3.99 to TAKE HOME 6 bags!!!

The Fresh STeamers ended up being an overage purchase as well.. they rang up at .89 cents… and I had $1 off q’s… MONEYMAKER!!

After it was all said and done.. my OOP was $27.64 and my

Total SAVINGS was $70.40!!!!

Here’s some pics what I brought home for less than 30 bucks. 🙂

Now that I think about it, I basically bought the ground beef, milk, bread, and chips… and EVERYTHING ELSE WAS FREE!!!!!!!!!

I love Publix!!!


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