Love it when my “Your Savings” total is MORE than my “Balance Due”

I’ve been really behind in my shopping since being out of town again during a weekend… and this time I never even got to get a Sunday paper when I got home!!!

But, today I ran into Publix because we needed some buns to go with the burgers my dh was grilling. I grabbed a quick look at the online ad, and made myself a short list. Here’s what I got:

Ore Ida Fries 2.99 x2= 5.98

q’s used: Publix $1/2  and Target $1/1 Total Spent: 3.98 = 1.99 each. (need item)

Tyson boneless chicken tenders on sale 5.99  (need item.. a favorite chicken purchase that I only get when on sale now)

Free- French Toast Sticks- Raincheck from last weeks BOGO- my store ran out.

– .75 q

Pork Chops- on sale 6.59

Muir Glen Tomato Sauce- .85×2 = 1.70

– $1 printable q (2) = .30 OVERAGE

Pillsbury Ready to Bake 2/$4

$1/2 printable q = 3.00 for 2= 1.50 each

Bananas 1.69/lb need item

Keebler Chips Deluxe BOGO 3.99

Nabisco Munch Pack on sale 3.99

-1 peelie found a few weeks ago at Publix

2- Capri Sun $4

– 2 q wyb 2 capri sun and 1 munch pack- peelies found at Publix today and for the past few months.

Sarah Lee Soft and Smooth Bread $2

Sarah Lee Soft and Smooth Buns $2.

– 2 (Free buns wyb bread q- peelie at Publix)

Plus, I used the Walgreens $5/20 good only for yesterday and today. (I hardly EVER shop on Saturday, so it was nice to be able to finally use one of these!)

My total OOP balance due was $26.11

My Savings at Publis was $31.07

I love Publix Shopping! 🙂 Remember to check out Fiddledeedee for more Publix tips.

I also ran into CVS for a late Saturday night run… I wanted to get that Excedrin deal and the GUM toothbrush deal.. but they were completely out of everything! I found one more toothbrush, and grabbed that, plus a candy bar using a $4 ECB from last week… paid .20 OOP for tax… and got $3.99 ECB back. But, I did manage to get a raincheck for a few boxes of Excedrin and some more toothbrush packs later on. I’m armed with q’s that will make it all free when they finally restock.

Keep an eye on the Centsible Sawyer for more CVS deals.

I was also happily blessed by the q machine at CVS which printed out my $10 ECB for the survey I did a few weeks ago, as well as a $5/30 q and a $10/50 q…. more Publix plans in the coming week for those!

Anyway.. I’m also excited that my next door neighbor has invited me to a “coupon class” at her house early in Nov.  Apparently someone from this blog: is coming to teach us all a few tricks. For once I’ll actually know what to talk about at a neighborhood party. 🙂  I’ll be happy to share my stuff with her, and looking forward to meeting someone IRL that is as crazy about couponing as I am!!! LOL



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2 responses to “Love it when my “Your Savings” total is MORE than my “Balance Due”

  1. Hey there! A friend of mine stumbled across your blog and told me you were linking to my blog (by the way, thank you for that)!

    I couldn’t figure out how you found my blog until I read this post. So I guess I will be seeing you Monday night. It looks like you’re good at this already, so I hope I can teach you something. Maybe you can teach with me 😉 See you soon!

  2. awakened1

    Hi Kendra! I’m looking forward to meeting you! I’m a little nervous about all my neighbors learning all these tricks.. since my store shelves already seem low on the best deals!!! LOL After you teach them all, I’ll have to shop at Midnight Sunday’s from now on!!! Just teasing! It really will be nice to have people to share ideas with and not have to feel like I have to hide my “frugality”. 🙂

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