CVS $5 ECB’s traded

I had a great plan worked out for CVS today.. but both of my local CVS’s were wiped out of most of the deals I was looking for.

Luckily, one CVS cashier was restocking the toothpaste aisle and found 2 of the MaxFresh w/ mouthwash beads hidden behind a different brand!

Today’s deal was:

2- Colgate MaxFresh w/ Mouthwash beads- on Sale 2.99 each Get 2 ECB’s each.

1- CVS Kids antibacterial spray- on Sale 1.99 Get 1 ECB

1- Reese’s peanutbutter cup- on sale .50 (this was a filler.. my total was 3 cents short!! 😦 )

Total before tax/q’s= 8.47

q’s used: $8

-$1 (used 2)  Maxfresh-CVS Beauty Handbook

– $1 CVS product- CVS Beauty Handbook

– $5 ECB on hand from last week

Total Paid OOP .51 and earned $5 ECB’s right back. 🙂

isn’t it nice to walk out the store with free stuff??

Let me know how you did at CVS this week here in my comments.. or check out other CVS’ers at the CVS Challenge!


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