Publix Super Savers 10/6/08

photo from Publix website

For the past few weeks I’ve spent mostly less than $50 at Publix for the week’s necessities. This week, I was just about out of meat, and getting low on some other staples.

My total savings according to my receipt today were:

Store coupon (includes competitor q’s) 15.25

Vendor coupon 12.40

Advertised Special Savings (mostly BOGO’s) 51.21

Advantage Buy Savings 1.47


How much did I actually spend? $81.12

Wanna See?

I’ve noticed that I really enjoy shopping at Publix after going online to their website and selecting the items I want to purchase from the ad, and printing myself a list. You can do the same thing HERE.

Once I have my list, I then go through my coupons, and write next to each price what I will be subtracting (in red). While I’m shopping I still keep all my coupons with me and write in stuff I need as I go… this helps me keep better track of my need items. Some of this week’s list reads:

Western Lettuce  .79

Broccoli 2.00

Tomatoes on the vine 1.49/lb

Bananas .69/lb

– $2/$5 Produce Food Lion Q

Knorr Sides on sale BOGO 1.49- I buy 4= 1.49×2

– .75/2  and -.75/2 both recent q’s found in inserts

Total spent=1.48 for 4= .37 each!

Betty Crocker Potatoes on sale BOGO 1.75 I buy 4= 1.75*2

-$1/2 recent insert

-.40, -.40 printable q’s

Total Spent= 1.70 I buy 4= .42 EACH!

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars on sale 2/$4 Buy 3 $6

-$1/3 Recent insert

– .50 Target Printable (print 3!)

Total Spent= 3.50 I bought 3= 1.16 each. Not the greatest deal.. but we eat these alot.

Dixie Napkins on sale 2/$3 Buy 3= 4.50

-.50 peelie q’s found on Dixie napkins and in recent insert. (used 3)

Total spent=3.00 I bought 3= 1.00 each.

There were other deals of course, as well as just regular sales of things I needed. But since a new week starts soon I won’t keep typing it all in!

Oh.. and I almost forgot to mention that I did get a call from my Publix manager informing me that he DOES consider CVS and Walgreens as competitors and that he would inform all of his cashier’s to accept them. If you shop at the store in Fleming Island, Fl… now’s a great time to be using up those recently printed $10/50 q’s from CVS! Mine helped me out today! I never spend that much at CVS.. but I usually do at Publix. 🙂

If you’re ready to get a jump start on next week’s shopping, be sure to check out Fiddledeedee’s page!


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  1. Great Job!! I have not done my shopping Yet!! Gotta go do it today. I am behind….. was outta town for a few days. So I was checking around to see what I missed…. :o)
    Julie – CouponSavingFamily

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