Behind Schedule Shopping

Being out of town for 2 weekends in a row has really put a crimp in my shopping plans lately! I just finally purchased my Sunday paper today and planned out  some much needed trips to CVS, Publix, and Walgreens.

At CVS I spent $2.82 and brought home over $30 worth of stuff. 🙂

Sunsilk Shampoo and a Sunsilk Product on sale 2/$7 EARN 2 ECB

– 1.50 Shampoo from insert, – 1.50 product from insert

Nestle Crunch Fun Size Bars  2/$5

– $1/2 printable q no longer available

*Inside these bags were more coupons! I’ll be going back later since this product adds up to $5 ECB wyb $15

Colgate toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste 2/$5 EARN 2 ECB

-.75 insert q, -1 insert q, -1 CVS q, -1 CVS q (both of these recently printed out on my reciept!)

Covergirl Clean Makeup $5.49 EARN $5.79 ECB

-$1 insert q

Covergirl Bronzer $6.99

– 6.99 covergirl bogo face product q this Sunday’s inserts

CVS cotton balls $1.99

– $1 cvs face product q

-3/15 CVS q

Paid with 10 ECB’s from last week

OOP $2.82


At Publix, I was frustrated by another day of “we don’t consider CVS a competitor” at the checkout line and lost $19 worth of coupons there from what I had “planned” in advance. 😦 (I have now written a letter to Publix asking for a written form of their policy since it seems to change on a daily basis at my local store. I’ll be sure to post it when I get it so others can benefit from it to!)

Anyway.. overall I still did okay. Spent $59.64 and saved $74.20

Got to stock up on some cereal again, as well as dog bones, veggies, and “Voila’s”. I think one of my better deals was the Green Giant veggies..

on sale for $1 each. I bought 4. Used a printable coupon for $1.10 off 3 and another insert coupon for .40 off one. Total for all 4 boxes was $2.50.. that’s only .62a box. 🙂 I also used lots of $1/2 coupons for items that were BOGO so that helped a bit too.

Next will be my Walgreens trip.. I’ll post about that on Thursday when I actually get the time to make that run!


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