Couldn’t resist rolling at Walgreens again!

3- Dimetapp Cold & Allery ON SALE 3.99

Tylenol PM 24 count 3.49

2- Nestle Crunch Fun size bars 12 oz 4.00

Chex Mix .99

Hershey’s Reese’s White (filler) .40


Coupons Used

3 x -2 Dimetapp

-2 Tylenol PM 9/7 insert??

-1 Tylenol PM ESQ Sept.

– 1/2 Nestle Bars

-.50 Chex Mix recent insert. Also available as 1/2 here

-10.00 RR I received earlier this week on the Scrubbing Bubbles promotion

OOP after tax= .66

Plus… I EARNED another $10 RR from the Dimetapp purchase!

I certainly couldn’t resist this deal now could I?


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