Clean House Friday 9/12

Instead of just doing regular cleaning every Friday, sometimes I like to tackle a project that will definitely be noticed! This week that project was my medicine cabinet! I noticed while stocking up on Robitussin this week at Walgreens that this area of my kitchen was turning into chaos. But in order to share this project with you I’m gonna have to let you take a peek into my medicine cabinet!!! Just pretend you’re over visiting and got curious while I stepped outside to get the mail. šŸ™‚

Here it is before:

This cabinet is a really tall cabinet in our kitchen, and really we can only reach the 1st two shelves without sitting on the counter…. so everything was just getting thrown in to where ever we could reach. So, I decided to take everything out, and organize it by utilizing small baskets and boxes…


Down a the bottom I have an old silverware seperator that is full of all kinds of band-aids and other bandages. This is easy to grab the whole container, bring it out and then find what you need.Ā  Around the edges of this bottom shelf I put the vitamins and stuff we need frequently.


Above that, I have a “pen” box full of my Tylenol, Advil, and Excedrin that I keep getting for practically free at CVS and Walgreens. šŸ™‚ Again, it’s easy to grab the whole container and find exactly what you need. Towards the top is all the stuff we hardly ever use.

For the most part I’ve really improved my medicine cabinet simply by using categories similar to the ones I might use in my coupon organizer!!!

Hopefully this will be something that happily surprises my husband when he comes home.

What are you doing to make your house special this Friday?


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