Pr31IRL=Proverbs 31 In Real Life

Since my blog title comes directly from Proverbs 31 (the message translation), I want to spend one post a week on how I am attempting to live out life as a Godly woman in today’s world. Proverbs 31:10-31 is a wonderful description of a “noble wife”. However, I have also found many other mentions of good women throughout Proverbs. Today I was skimming through the word, on my way to really focus on Proverbs 31, when I felt the Lord drawing me into Proverbs 19:14, it reads:

Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.

At first glance, this verse didn’t seem all that important to me, but then I began to study what the word “prudent” means. Using my Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance, I found that in most instances when the word prudent is used in the Bible it simply means “wise and understanding”. But, in this particular verse, the Hebrew word used is different. In this particular verse, the word prudent comes from a Hebrew word that means,

“to have success, insight, understanding, wisdom; the potent capacity to understand and so exercise skill in life, a state caused by proper training and teaching enhanced by careful observation”

And suddenly, this simple verse seems important to my desire to be a good wife. I cannot settle with just being “wise and understanding”. I must ask the Lord to teach me and train me and provide me with the capacity to understand all that he wishes to teach. I must also seek insight and pass along the proper training I have recieved onto my children.

Becoming a prudent wife is much greater a goal than passing on houses and wealth.

So, as I begin my own personal study and application of becoming a Proverbs 31 wife (Pr31IRL) in real life, I must begin back in Proverbs 19 with the understanding that I must first become prudent… and I can only become prudent through the Lord.

I hope you will join me in asking the Lord to teach us through the example of his son Jesus Christ, to have success, insight, understanding and wisdom, and exercise skill in life!

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