Learning to Roll with CVS


It worked! I even added a newspaper to my first transaction, as well as a 2/10CVS Q which made it free. 🙂

By doing my research early, I’m trying to get a handle on how to “grow” or “roll” my CVS ECB’s. So far, in my efforts to save I’ve been pleased to get a few dollars just to turn around and spend them right away. I’ve basically been using one ECB item a week to create a “coupon” for myself on an item that didn’t have one.

But this week… I think I’m ready to start playing this CVS challenge a little more in depth! (Praying that my CVS will have fully stocked shelves this Sunday!)

According to the Hot coupon World forums for CVS ( a great resource!) the preview of this coming Sunday’s sale will be a great place to earn some ECB’s. (Sunday and Monday ONLY for two of the following deals)

My first transaction will be:

Revlon Nail Enamel on SALE 3.99  EARN 3 ECB’s EACH (limit 3)

Buy 3= 11.97

Use coupons: $2 Revlon (recent insert); -$2 Revlon (CVS Machine Q); -$1 Revlon (recent insert); -$1 Revlon (recent insert) = Total coupon -$6.00


Pay with $6 ECB from last week= ZERO OOP! GET $9ECB

Transaction #2

Right Guard Sport or Extreme, or Soft & Dry or Dry Idea Deod. on SALE 2.99 EARN 2ECB (limit 5)

Buy 4=11.96

Aussie shampoo ON SALE- $2.49 EARN 1 ECB

Buy 2= 4.98

Use coupons: -$2/10 CVS (Richmond parent q), -$1 Right Guard (recent insert), -$1 Right Guard (recent insert), -.75 Soft & Dry (recent insert), -.75 Soft & Dry (recent insert). -$2/2 Aussie coupon (insert 9/7! See preview!)Total coupon=-$7.50

Total: 11.96+4.98-7.50= 9.44

Pay with $9 ECB from transaction #1= .44 OOP Get $10 ECB ( separated into a $2ECB and an $8ECB)

Transaction #3

L’Oreal Age Perfect, Revitalift or Skin Genesis on SALE- $5.99 EARN $5.99 ECB (limit 1)

Buy 1= 5.99

Use coupons: -$3 Revitalift (recent insert)

Total= 5.99-3= 2.99

Pay with $2 ECB from previous transaction= .99 OOP GET $5.99 ECB

Total OOP: $1.43

Total ECB’s leftover for next week: $13.99

Total Value of products: $48.90 and they basically PAID me $12.56 just to take it all home!!



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3 responses to “Learning to Roll with CVS

  1. Excellent deals! I am going to do just about the same thing! I just pray I can find that Revitalift coupon! I’m not sure I saved it! Ugh!!!!!


  2. Great planning! Good luck 🙂

  3. awakened1

    Will post a picture when I get home from church!! But IT WORKED!
    I even got a free paper out of it to by adding it to my first transaction and using a 2/10 CVS q. 🙂

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