Clean House Friday- Intro

Today is my first “Clean House Friday” post…. but it’s certainly NOT my first clean house Friday!!

For the past decade at least…. I’ve made it a goal in our house to always have the house clean when my husband gets home from work on Friday. Lord knows he would love it to sparkle and shine every day, but we’ve settled on at least once a week he can expect to walk in the door and not get onto the kids about their rooms or have to look at that strangely growing pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs and on the counter.

So… here on my blog, I would like to encourage all you other Mom’s out there who never really thought about how we keep our house is a reflection onto our husbands. With kids and pets and lots of other stuff in our lives, it’s a good thing to keep them as priorities… but it’s also a good thing to still maintain a pleasing environment to live in!

Today’s Clean House Friday tip is:

Dawn Simple Pleasures dish soap now comes with an air freshener on the base of the soap bottle. This air freshener always seems way too strong for my kitchen counter. I prefer to smell the foods I’m cooking over air freshener. BUT… I discovered that you can REMOVE the air freshener base! It’s attached with tape, and grooves, but it comes off quite easily.

Today, I cleaned out my garbage cans that are in the house. We have a cabinet with 2 cans built into the sliding cabinet. One for trash, one for recycling. After cleaning them both out with Pine Sol for freshness, I decided to use that Dawn Simple Pleasures air freshener to maintain that fresh smell in my trash cabinet. I placed it way in the back of the cabinet… back in the corner where the trashcans won’t bump into it.

Now when ever I open the trash cabinet to put something in the trash I’m blessed with a pleasant smell instead of a trashy smell!!!

You can download a coupon for $1off here:

Just make sure you wait and use it when it’s on sale! 🙂

Join me on this Clean House Friday!! Got any tips or special techniques you use to keep things clean? Leave me your link!



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2 responses to “Clean House Friday- Intro

  1. Hi Deni 🙂

    I think I’m going to replicate your goal and set Friday as the day the house gets completely cleaned.

    I joke with my husband that we always have to have people over on the weekends because that is one incentive for me/us to clean and have the house sparkling clean.

    And great tip on the Simple Pleasures. I’m waiting for that to go on a really good sale at Wags 🙂

    P.S. Yay WordPress!

  2. awakened1

    Our house was on the market for 18 months.. my husband thought it was great.. I had to have the house “show ready” all the time!!!!
    Now that we’ve given up on the selling for now, it’s been nice to have a few weeks of not constantly worrying about it… but now it actually is nice to have a day set aside for making everything really clean.

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