CVS- only tax… plus earned $2

I have a love/hate relationship with CVS these days. They have some AMAZING deals… but my particular store sometimes has me stressed out trying to hunt them down!

This week I made out pretty well… but had to contact customer service when I got home. (explanation below)

Here’s what I did:

3- Suave deodorant Sale  $2 each= 6.00

2-Covergirl Wetslicks $5.69 BOGO1/2 sale= 8.53 * When looking at the ad this week I THOUGHT this was going to be offering the $5.99 ECB… but apparently I didn’t get the special ones marked with CREST so it didn’t print out.

Total before tax:14.53

Coupons Used:

-$2/10 CVS q from the Richmond Parents mag. (no longer printable)

-2/3 Suave q (recent insert)

-5.69 BOGO covergirl coupon (recent insert)

-5.00 ECB from last week

New total: -.16 plus tax= .37 OOP

Earned 2 ECB’s

Emailed customer service about the Wetslicks without realizing yet about the CREST logo… CVS informed me that they have now set my account to go ahead and print out $5.99 ECB for my next visit because of the confusion. 🙂

So.. total ECB’s earned are $7.99

So…. CVS was successful this week again!

Check out some fellow bloggers as they play the CVS challenge here.  Lots of great ideas for saving money without spending much!


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One response to “CVS- only tax… plus earned $2

  1. I totally agree. If I don’t shop CVS Sunday morning or afternoon, I’m hosed. Nothing is left. I don’t think it’s even cause lots of CVSers make it before me. I think they just don’t stock enough. Think I should contact my store and ask them to stock more of their sale and monthly deal items????

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